Terms of Reference

Advisory Committee on Property

Arthur Stanley Eddington Memorial Trust

Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group

Bournville Village Trust – external group, see Bournville village Trust website

BYM Sustainability Group

BYM Trustees – see Qfp 8.16 (5th edition)

BYM Trustees Job Description

BYM Trustee Nominations Group

BYMT Audit Committee

BYMT Elders – Briefing information

BYMT Employment Sub-Committee

BYMT Finance & Property Committee

BYMT Friends House (London) Hospitality Ltd

BYMT Senior Staff Disciplinary & Grievance Appeals Group

BYMT Working Group to Implement Recommendations of the Review Group of Standing Committees

Central Nominations Committee

Central Nominations Committee Review Group (2014)

Churches Together in England & Churches Together in Britain and Ireland – external group, see Qfp 9.09 and CTE website,  CTBI website

Committee on Clerks

Friends Trusts Limited – see Qfp 8.14 (5th edition)

Friends World Committee on Consultation – BYM Representatives,  see Qfp 9.03 and FWCC website – external

Investment Group

Lancaster University Court – external group see Lancaster University Court website

Listed Informal Groups review

Long Term Framework Working Group

Meeting for Sufferings

Meeting for Sufferings Appeals Group – see Qfp 4.26

Meeting for Sufferings Arrangements Group

Meeting for Sufferings Church Government Advisory Group

Meeting for Sufferings Handbook Group

Meeting for Sufferings Support Group

Meeting Houses Funds Committee

Northern Friends Summer Youth Events Charitable Trust – external group

Oversees’ Relief Fund Group

Property Policy Group

Quaker Appeals Group (CRB)

Quaker Committee for Christian & Interfaith Relations – see Qfp 8.12 and 9.13 (5th edition)

Quaker Council for European Affairs (Meeting for Sufferings – see Qfp 9.07 (5th edition)

Quaker Housing Trust – see Qfp 8.15 (5th edition)

Quaker Life Approvals Group

Quaker Life Central Committee – see Qfp 8.08 (5th edition)

Quaker Life End of Life Issues Working Group

Quaker Life Library Committee

Quaker Life Nominations Committee

Quaker Life Quaker Prison Chaplaincy Committee

Quaker Life Representative Council – see Qfp 8.09 (5th edition)

Quaker Peace & Social Witness Central Committee – see Qfp 8.11 (5th edition)

QPSW Crime, Community & Justice Sub Committee


QPSW Economics, Sustainability & Peace Sub-Committee

QPSW Grants Group

QPSW Naga Conciliation Group

QPSW Overseas Peacebuilding Sub Committee

QPSW Peace Education, Campaigning & Networking Sub-Committee

QPSW Turning the Tide Group

Quaker Stewardship Committee

Quaker World Relations Committee – see Qfp 8.13 and 9.06 (5th edition)

QUNO Geneva Committee – external organisation, see QUNO website

South West Faiths Consultative Body

The Retreat General Meeting: Members – external organisation- see The Retreat website

YM Agenda Committee

YM Arrangements Committee – see Qfp 6.20 (5th edition)

YM Committee to Examine Minutes – see Qfp 6.24 (5th edition)

YM Elders

YM Epistle Drafting Committee – see Qfp 6.23 (5th edition)

YM Nominating Group

YM Pastoral Care Group

YM Publications Group

YM Representatives to other YMs, appointed annually to attend other European YMs.

YM Treasurer