Meeting for Sufferings

The standing representative body entrusted with the care of the business of the Britain Yearly Meeting through the year.

Meeting for Sufferings has a visionary and prophetic role for the whole Society in Britain. It decides the priorities and sets the direction of the Yearly Meeting in the Long Term Framework. Meeting for Sufferings also plays a vital role in fostering communication throughout the Yearly Meeting and in reviewing and testing concerns referred to it by area meetings. It also gives guidance on policy issues referred to it by BYM Trustees.

Groups belonging to Meeting for Sufferings:

Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations
Long Term Framework Group
Quaker World Relations Committee
Book of Discipline Revision Preparation Group
Church Government Advisory Group
The Review Group on the Relationship with Listed Informal Groups
Meeting for Sufferings Arrangements Group
Book of Discipline Revision Committee
Sustainability Monitoring Group
Group to Review Yearly Meeting, Yearly Meeting Gatherings and Meeting for Sufferings
Review Group: Attenders & Central Committees