YM Nominating Group

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Welcome to the Yearly Meeting Nominating Group area. In this section you will find our group information, useful documents, and space for discussion in our ‘forum’ page. Our main remit is to find friends to serve on Central Nominations Committee (CNC).

All information contained here is confidential and only for use by Friends and Staff working within Nominations.

In ‘Group Area’ you will find information about our latest searches, plus the Terms of Reference for CNC. You can also find information about the YM Nominating Group itself in these sections.

In ‘Papers’ you can view the archive of our papers and meetings.

In ‘Forum’ you can add comments to our interactive discussion space.

If you need to find service forms or the lists of Friends who might be interested in serving, please visit Nominations General.

If you’d like some help using QGroups, please email nominations@quaker.org.uk for support from staff. Or view the ‘QGroups guidance’ tab underneath our ‘Group Area’.