Quaker World Relations Committee

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Quaker World Relations Committee (QWRC) is a committee appointed by Meeting for Sufferings to maintain contact with other yearly meetings and with Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC). It must ensure that the FWCC representatives of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) are well prepared to communicate the concerns of this yearly meeting in the wider Quaker context, and to report fully on the meetings they attend. QWRC is responsible for drawing the attention of Britain Yearly Meeting to issues and concerns raised at world and section meetings of FWCC and for offering suggestions on possible ways to respond.

QWRC acts on behalf of Meeting for Sufferings to prepare letters of greeting to be sent to other yearly meetings. It encourages a lively exchange of interest between Britain Yearly Meeting and FWCC, and intervisitation between this yearly meeting and other yearly meetings.

QWRC is composed of up to fifteen Friends appointed by Meeting for Sufferings, names having been submitted by its nominations committee. In addition the Britain Yearly Meeting representatives to FWCC serve on QWRC ex officio. The membership is reviewed periodically.

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