Quaker Peace & Social Witness Standing Nominations Committee

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Welcome to the QPSW Standing Nominations Committee QGroups site.

Our 2020 dates are as follows:

Friday 21 February, Friends House
Friday 3 July, University of Warwick
Friday 22 November, Friends House

Minuted in: QPSW/SNC 19/37 Meetings in 2020.

SNC information and induction pack

Useful information about Standing Nominations Committee, including the committee’s Terms of Reference, up-to-date contact information, and QPSW sub-committee descriptions can be viewed in our full SNC information and induction pack. Latest version updated 4 February 2020. (PDF file)

Contact us

Your nominations team are:

Secretary: Krishna Ramamurthy
Mon-Weds, 9-5 at: 020 7663 1109

Support officer: Penny Elliott
Mon-Fri, 10-6 at: 020 7663 1106