Review Group: Attenders & Central Committees

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Welcome to the homepage of the Review Group area.

On this site you can find the following information and guidance, under the navigation tabs at the top of this window:

Group area
This is the space to find resource materials and confidential documents for this review group.

A secure area where papers and minutes will be saved and accessible, ordered by calendar date.

A confidential forum area for discussions that reduces the need for email. Add comments under existing discussion threads by clicking on the title of a forum thread, and replying to comments – or start a new thread. Subscribe to forum threads that are relevant to your interests by clicking ‘subscribe’ in the top corner of each forum thread.

The Wiki is a tool which allows multiple people to write documents in one place (like a Google Doc). To create a new collaborative document, navigate to the Wiki pages, and create a ‘New Wiki Page’. Add comments and collaborate on existing documents by clicking on the title of a Wiki page, and viewing, or editing the content.