YM 2019 Special Interest Meeting Request List

GroupName Category SIMTitle SIMDescription
Book of Discipline Revision Committee BYM Meet your Book of Discipline Revision Committee A large task has been given to the Book of Discipline Revision Committee.  This needs to be grounded in worship.  Come along to a Meeting for Worship with members of the committee, and afterwards have a chance to meet them.
BYM comms team BYM Tea, snacks & social media chats Come along to this open and informal session where there will be tea, coffee, snacks – and opportunities to chat to Friends and BYM staff about what’s going on in the world of Quaker social media. Share tips, geek out, and make friends both online and off. Bring along your smartphone or iPad too: staff can give hands-on technical help, whether you are mastering Instagram Stories or making your Twitter pictures accessible.
BYM Safeguarding BYM Safeguarding Matters An event about safeguarding in quaker communities – with a particular focus on the responsibilities of Area Meeting trustees and Area Meeting Safeguarding Co-ordinators.
BYM Trustees BYM Meet Yearly Meeting Trustees Meet the Yearly Meeting Trustees and discuss the work being done on behalf of all Quakers in Britain including any questions on the Annual Report and Accounts.
Central Nominations Committee BYM Tea, cake and Quaker service Are you interested in serving Britain Yearly Meeting at a central level? Come and speak to Central Nominations Committee members about opportunities for Quaker service.

We are happy to talk to you about the variety of different ways you can serve.

There will be cake.

Crime Community and Justice BYM Justice Matters – a workshop What prevents crime? Does punishment work? Can harm be transformed?  are three questions that come up at a Justice Matters workshop.
Data Protection and Records Custodians support BYM Meeting records and data protection drop-in Drop-in session for anyone to discuss issues with data protection in meetings or their meeting records. The drop-in will be hosted by BYM staff who advise meetings on these issues. There will also be guides and leaflets to pick up on related topics.
EAPPI BYM Divesting from the occupation of Palestine In November 2018, BYM took the decision to divest from all companies profiting from the occupation of Palestine. In doing so, Quakers became the first church in the UK to take such a position. Come and hear how this decision came into being, the history behind it, the impact it’s had, and how Friends across the country can take action to help their own LMs, AMs and communities to divest too.
Experiment with Light Network QRB Living Lightly – a short guided meditation How can the Light help us to live a lighter and simpler lifestyle? We will be going through a short ‘Experiment with Light’ meditation on this topic, with time for reflection and optional sharing afterwards.
Friends Fellowship of Healing QRB Friends Fellowship of Healing presentation and demonstration This SIM will outline the work and achievements of the long established FFH. It will include a demonstration of the simplicity of the Healing act and will put emphasis on the divine nature of healing and its spiritual ethos.
Friends Historical Society QRB FHS Presidential Address by Erin Bell [Title not yet received]
Friends House Moscow QRB Friends House Moscow: Changing with the times The British Committee and International Board Members invite you to join us for an update on, and discussion of, how our activities (both in the UK and Russia/Ukraine) have evolved: responding to our discernment of what Quakers are called to do with limited funds in a dynamic geopolitical context. It includes a report by Mike Eccles (FWCC) on the 2018 “introduction to Quakers” event run in Ukraine with FHM involvement.
Friends of Hlekweni QRB Friends of Hlekweni – steady work in Zimbabwe Friends of Hlekweni Trustees will give an update on our work in Zimbabwe, including support for primary schools, funding of the Zimbabwe Secondary Bursary scheme and peace-building work (AVP and Peace Clubs). The formal annual business will be conducted. We plan time for discussion and networking.
Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC) Other Amplify the global Quaker voice In this session we will explore world Quakerism, and invite your input to the global Quaker voice. At FWCC, our capacity and purpose is to amplify the Quaker voice and raise awareness about Quakers worldwide. Ahead of the World Plenary Meeting in 2023 in South Africa, we invite Friends in BYM to engage in suggesting topics and issues to be addressed by Friends at the next global gathering.
Gloucestershire Area Meeting Quakers QRB Rock and a hard place:  Journeymen Theatre performance Performance of new play by this Quaker theatre company which explores the prevalence of domestic abuse in our society and the struggles faced by the women’s refuges in order to survive in today’s climate of government cuts.

We see domestic coercion at work, the potentially tragic consequences for women and children and the cost of neglect of domestic abuse is to our society.  Time for questions and reflections after performance.

International Peacebuilding Subcommittee BYM What can we learn from East African peacebuilders? To be confirmed in 2019, but the IPS Committee would like to present the TTT East Africa work and what campaigners in the UK could learn from East African campaigners.
Meeting for Sufferings BYM Meeting for Sufferings, your representative council What’s Meeting for Sufferings for? Who’s on it? What’s it up to? And what about the name?

Come and meet the clerks and other members of Meeting for Sufferings.  Find out more about this important (and historic) part of our national structures.  Learn how it’s working to discern our national Quaker concerns, and what it’s working on at the moment.  Ask us anything – we shoudl know some of the answers!

Ministry & outreach team BYM Eldership & oversight event (working title) Description to follow…
Ministry & outreach team BYM Tear and share: faith and food Join Quaker Life’s ministry and outreach team to learn about our work, our team and have some lunch with us.
Ministry and Outreach team, Quaker Life BYM Quaker Parents and Families Space A space for parents and families to rest, relax and eat over lunchtime during Yearly Meeting. This is a chance to meet other Quaker families.
Money for Madagascar LIG Money for Madagascar – new horizons. MfM is changing. When the previous incumbent retired as Director in 2015 we discussed the future – whether we should reduce our activities or whether we should employ staff and grow.  We were unanimous in the decision to grow because the need in Madagascar, sadly, shows no sign of diminishing and climate change is now bringing big challenges.   We would like to  show Friends some of the ways in which we are tackling these problems.
Nontheist Friends Network QRB to be decided to be decided
Northern Friends Peace Board QRB TPNW – time for Quaker action [NB this is has been agreed informally with Sahdya Darr that we could do a joint SIM on this theme – we believe she may have contacted you directly about this. If not, we would like to firm up details when she is back in the office]
Property Advice Project BYM To be confirmed but ‘Property …..’ I need to consider what would be most useful in terms of what is emerging from this project to engage with F’s attending YM.
QCCIR BYM Andrew Copson  Chief Executive, Humanists UK QCCIR guest The Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations has invited Andrew Copson, Chief Executive of Humanists UK to talk to us about Humanism and how faith and belief can work in partnership.
QPSW BYM Climate justice in the New Economy The UK needs to act urgently to end its contribution to climate change. Yet to radically cut emissions, we need to ask key questions about how our economy operates. Come and explore what a truly sustainable economy might look like, and the political change required to build it. We’ll discuss how BYM and Friends across the country are demanding urgent action for climate justice.
QPSW Economics & Sustainability Programme BYM Tax in the new economy How can we use tax as a tool to build “an economy where Quaker testimony can flourish”? This session will look at why tax is key to equality and sustainability, and how Friends can take action for tax justice. It will include an opportunity for small group discussions exploring the big questions about tax and its role in our society, and starting to imagine a better tax system.
Quaker Arts Network QRB Quaker Witness and the arts How can the arts sustain our witness inform or nurture our witness? How does our witness inspire our creativity? How can we develop the Quaker arts community? Come and share experiences and ideas with others, tell us what you’re doing, and find our more about the Quaker Arts Network.
Quaker Asylum and Refugee Network QARN QRB Asylum and Refugees –  a continuing concern QARN will present the areas of its current work and concerns around Asylum and Refugees, with particular emphasis on immigration detention, what’s happened over the past year and what the next year might hold.  What’s happening in these areas of Friends Concerns?  We hope there will also be a separate special interest meeting for Meetings of Sanctuary.
Quaker chaplaincy BYM Could you be a Quaker chaplain? Are you a Quaker chaplain in hospital, prison, school or university or in any other work or community setting? Or considering starting chaplaincy? Or just wanting to find out more about Quaker chaplaincy? This will  be an opportunity for sharing, supporting and exploring the connections between different settings.
Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations BYM Interchurch Guest Joey Williams of the Church of Christ The Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations is delighted to host Joey Williams

Europe Church Mission Center President of the Church of Christ to talk to us about the work and mission of his church.

Quaker Community Bamford LIG Quaker Community Bamford We are currently seeking new members
Quaker Concern for Animals QRB Who do you say that I am? Quaker spirituality and species equality. Is it desirable, or even possible, for human beings to perceive themselves as equals with sentient, non-human beings, rather than as their natural superiors? Possible for us to regard animals, or particular species, as having the same sort of interest in their personal well being, the well being of their families and the integrity of this earth, our common home?

What does love ask for us?

Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture QRB Preventing Torture – Taking Effective Action Quaker Concern for the Abolition of Torture (Q-CAT) is a concern upheld by Britain Yearly Meeting.

Torture is widely employed in the world. Q-CAT invites supporters and potential supporters to

– explore their perceptions of torture and to consult with them about how those difficulties could be addressed

– share information and ideas about ways to reduce the use of torture, following on from the conference “Preventing Torture – Effective Action”

Quaker Concern Over Population QRB Quakers, Population and the Future of Humanity Quaker testimonies, to simplicity, equality, sustainability and peace, have much to say about population. Yet, as a Society, we seem to prefer talking about other things instead. What can, and should, Quakers say about issues of fertility, mortality, migration and urbanization that are shaping humanity’s place in the world, and what does this mean for us now and for future generations.
Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) QRB The price of populism: How are European and international affairs changing and who will be affected? 55.9 Billion euro – That’s how much the EU will spend on border control and military research over the next seven years. Quaker work seeks to overcome this trend and build a Europe of sanctuary. Join us to hear about the impact we are having, and to share what is important to you.
Quaker Disability Equality Group QRB Quaker Disability Group Annual General Meeting AGM to present annual accounts and report of activity, and appoint members to the Committee.
Quaker Disability Equality Group QRB Including people with disabilities in Quaker Meetings Every Meeting has broken parts. Four Friends with disabilities will talk about how they are enabled to participate in the life of their Quaker meeting, and what barriers they experience to full involvement. There will be time for questions and discussion.
Quaker Esperanto Society QRB Quaker Esperanto Society An introduction for Quakers to the concept of Esperanto the international language whose aim is to encourage peace and friendship across national boundaries by enabling everyone to use a common second language which is culturally neutral while being very simple in its structure and easy to learn
Quaker Fellowship for Afterlife Studies QRB Between death and life As Quakers we are called to bear witness to the sustaining power of the Spirit in our lives. Spiritual experiences, when integrated into our daily awareness, give us glimpses of eternity and help us to live better in the here and now. In this meeting we will share experiences and look at Quaker and other spiritual sources that help sustain us on our journey, with information about QFAS events and activities.
Quaker Gender & Sexual Diversity Community LIG Let’s talk about gender and sexual diversity This is a meeting for anyone interested in taking forward conversations – in their meetings or beyond – about gender and sexual diversity.  It is open to all friends whether they are members of Quaker Gender & Sexual Diversity Community (QGSDC) or not.  We will also be holding a short AGM.
Quaker Housing Trust Other What is Quaker Housing Trust? Did you know that Yearly Meeting has it’s own, unique, national charity funding social housing projects throughout Britain? Friends serving on Quaker Housing Trust will describe what your charity does and introduce some of the projects we have funded. We would also like to hear about local social housing projects you are involved with, especially any that are using Area Meeting property.
Quaker Life and Quaker Stewardship Committee BYM Simpler Meetings Project Are our meetings and arrangements more complicated than they need to be?  How can the roles of area meeting clerks, treasurers and trustees be made simpler, and less time-consuming?  What solutions have meetings already found that work in their experience?  What else could you try?

Come and hear about the Simpler Meetings Project, some of the varied solutions Friends find work for them, and share what works for you.

Quaker Life, and Quaker Gender & Sexual Diversity Community BYM 10 Years of Quaker Marriage Equality Yearly Meeting 2009 discerned that love and truth compelled us to solemnise the marriage of same-sex couples equally with opposite-sex couples.  Michael Booth, Church Government Adviser, will speak about the journey Friends have made, alongside the legal changes that mean same sex marriage is possible throughout Great Britain.
Quaker Peace & Social Witness BYM QPSW activism information, support & networking An opportunity to learn more about how to move into and develop campaigning witness on any or all of the topics QPSW does (or should) cover: refugees & asylum seekers, sustainability, peace, housing, equality, Israel/Palestine, criminal justice, economic justice… It gives an opportunity to network with others interested in the same topic, or using techniques that you might find useful. QPSW staff will be on hand to support and advise.
Quaker Peace and Social Witness Conciliation Group BYM Experience of Quaker international conciliation work The role of faith in building peace and preventing further armed conflict. Hear about Quaker work alongside indigenous peacemakers working to promote nonviolence in an area of South Asia.
Quaker Social Action LIG Speaking truth to power in 2019 Join Quaker Social Action to explore how this longstanding but relatively small charity, which lives out Quaker values of equality and justice, is achieving national impacts on overlooked national issues – and what lessons they have learnt which can be applied more widely.  The session draws upon two examples of QSA’s work at different stages:  its well established work on funeral poverty, and its new housing project for young adult carers.
Quaker South Asia Interest Group QRB Ekta Parishad and engagement with its JaiJagat2020 initiative A working group of QSAIG is focusing on the continuing connection with Ekta Parishad.  Its next global initiative is called JaiJagat2020 (Victory to the World) and we are seeking to raise awareness of and support for nonviolent action by Quakers and others in Britain and Europe.  The culmination of this initiative is in Geneva in September 2020 where explicit links with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is being made.
Quaker Stewardship Committee BYM Supporting Quaker stewardship in meetings This is an opportunity to meet with members of Quaker Stewardship Committee, ask questions on the QSC report to Yearly Meeting, and discuss problems and solutions in upholding right stewardship in meetings.
Quaker United Nations Office Geneva Other “The paths keep opening up” – Quaker quiet diplomacy How can a small Quaker office support multilateralism when some countries are turning inward? We’ll share with you the spiritual nudges, the practical challenges, the unexpected and the inspiring in our work on your behalf at the United Nations, including human rights of migrants, “toolkits” for climate change awareness, new dialogues about disarmament. We’ll answer your questions and ask you to explore the links to your meetings and communities.
Quaker Universalist Group QRB Forgiveness in a universalist context We will look back at our annual conference which focussed on forgiveness. We answered the question ‘Why forgive?’ from a variety of viewpoints, including psychology, justice, Christianity and animism. We will also look forward to our 2020 conference entitled ‘Life and Death; Time and Eternity’. Our many pamphlets will be on sale, including our recent ones on Islam, compassion, mysticism, language and truth.
QUAKER VALUES IN EDUCATION – QVinE QRB “VISIONS OF CHILDHOOD” “VISIONS OF CHILDHOOD”  – an  exploration workshop,  sharing and comparing our fundamental beliefs, perceptions, discernment and values that determine what we do with and for children – and how that has consequences for education.

This workshop will follow on from QVinE’s planned conference early in May 2019

Quaker Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse QRB Quaker Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse This group is for women only, and only for women who experienced sexual abuse or sexualisation (grooming) in their childhood at whatever stage in their journey they are.  This group is to provide mutual support and information the opportunity to share if they wish their story.
Quakers and mental health Other Quakers and Mental Health Mental health is a key issue for many individual Friends and for Meetings. Our different and shared experiences is an area of rich diversity that we can celebrate. Mental health services are overstretched and underfunded – should Quakers speak out?

Come and meet with others concerned about mental health, hear about projects and developments across Quakers and help to discern future responses and work.

Everyone is welcome.

Quakers in Criminal Justice LIG Depending on which topic is chosen, either “The Decriminilisation of Drugs” OR  “Anger and Forgiveness in Ruanda 25 years on from Genocide” Re “Decriminalisation of Drugs”, –  this workshop gives an opportunity to take further the discussion on this topic, which derives from the theme of QICJ’s annual conference in February 2019, where we had three very well informed speakers on the topic.

Re “Anger and Forgiveness in Ruanda……  ” would deal with a project that our member Marian Liebmann hopes will take place with Quakers in Ruanda in the earlier part of 2019, not yet confirmed.

The Friend Publications Ltd Other The Friend event TBC
The Kindlers QRB The Kinders: deepen the spiritual life of your Meeting Come and experience a Kindlers’ workshop as a taster —  and see for yourself how a day’s workshop can kindle a new fire and spirit in your Meeting!
Turning the Tide BYM Turning the Tide – 25 Years of Making Waves Turning the Tide will be 25 years old in 2019!

Join us to explore how people were turning faith in action 25 years ago and how people are turning faith into action today.

Come along if you’d like to reflect on the challenges of the current context and feel encouraged about the possibilities of positive change through nonviolent means.

West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project LIG Minus Violence Plus Peace A report from West Midlands Quaker Peace Education Project on recent work working with at risk youth on anti-knife crime. Using a grant from the Home Office we have been working in partnership with Youth Against Violence to work with schools and the community around issues of knife crime. Can Peace Education help us tackle some troubling issues?
Woodbrooke QRB Postgraduate Quaker Study & Research with Woodbrooke Find out about our research degrees run in collaboration with the University of Birmingham and our online postgradute degrees run in collaboration with the University of Lancaster.
Woodbrooke QRB Meet the Swarthmore Lecturer Text to follow
Woodbrooke QRB What Woodbrooke can offer you and your meeting Woodbrooke offers a broad range of learning which enables the deepening of individual spiritual lives, exploration of issues such as understanding Quaker faith, practices and history,  and working for peace and justice. Come and find out about how we might support, inform and transform you and your Quaker community.
Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre QRB Equipping for Ministry Do you want to deepen your understanding of the Quaker way and explore your own sense of ministry

or service? Woodbrooke’s two-year learning programme, ‘Equipping for Ministry’ gives

a solid grounding in thinking about what it is to be a Quaker in the world today and exploring and discerning how you might live out that calling. It is designed to nurture the life of individuals and their communities. Come and find out more.